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Colin D. Standish
President, Hartland Institute


Russell R. Standish
Founder, Remnant Ministry


Distributed by
Hartland Publications
Box 1
Rapidan, Virginia, USA 22733


1 Worldwide Unity Movements
2 Who Is the Antichrist?
3 Roman Catholicism and the Antichrist
4 Early Concepts of the Antichrist 
5 The Medieval Reign of the Papacy 
6 Original Sin 
7 The Papal Record 
8 The Deadly Wound Is Healed 
9 All That Dwell Upon the Earth Shall Worship Him 
10 Globalism and One World Government 
11 European Political Unity 
12 Blasphemous Claims 
13 False Principles of Salvation 
14 The Deadly Wound Re-examined 
15 Seven-Headed Monsters 
16 The Mystery of the Seven Heads 
17 The Ten Horns 
18 The Final Fate of the Antichrist 
19 Future Expectations 
20 The Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God 
21 A Moment to Decide 
22 Come Out of Her, My People 


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