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Russell R. Standish, founder,
Remnant Ministries


Colin D. Standish, president,
Hartland Institute



SECTION A: The Development of the Principles of Religious and Civil Freedoms

1 Divine Rights and Human Responsibilities 

2 The Rights and Limitations of Government 

3 Judging the Law 

4 The Role of the Jury 

5 The Judge and the Jury—a Case History

SECTION B: The Erosion of the Bill of Rights at the End of the Twentieth Century

6 The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights

7 Erosion of the First Amendment 

8 The Supreme Court Overrides the Fifth Amendment 

SECTION C: The History, Philosophy, and Theology of Persecution

9 The Rise of Tyranny 

10 Toleration or Liberty 

11 The Development of Religious Persecution 

12 The Theology of Persecution 

13 The Papal Encyclical of 1995 and Religious Liberty 

SECTION D: The Bible, Christianity, and Freedom

14 The Ten Commandments and Civil Law 

15 Common Law and Religious Freedom

16 The Bible in Public Schools

17 Christians and Politics

SECTION E: The Significance of Sunday Legislation into the Freedom Debate in the United States

18 The Post Office and Sunday Regulations 

19 The History of Sunday Legislation 

20 Sunday Laws in the United States During the Latter Part of the Nineteenth Century 

21 Judicial Confusion and Inconsistencies Regarding Sunday Laws

SECTION F: The Struggles of Religious Minorities in Britain and the United States

22 An Anglican Bishop’s Support of Religious Freedom 

23 Contribution of the Baptists of England to the Cause of Liberty 

24 Further Contributions of Baptists to the Cause of Religious Liberty 

25 Struggle for Religious Freedom by the Baptists in Virginia 

SECTION G: Toward a Perfect System of Civil and Religious Justice

26 The Jewish System of Justice 

27 Changing Political, Religious, Economic, and Social Patterns

28 The Genuine Principle of Liberty 

29 Biblical Counsel and Civil Authority 

30 The Author of Liberty

SECTION H: Appendix—The Issues Faced in the Australian Constitutional Convention

31 Australian Constitutional Crisis

32 Candidate’s Policy

33 Russell’s Report

34 Bendigo Promotes Sunday Law




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