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  • Steps to CHRIST - The most published book, next to the Bible, in the history of the world. Find out how to become and remain a Christian.
  • Faith and Works – What is faith? Can you be justified and not sanctified? Never has there been a more clear picture painted of what faith is and is not.

Sabbath Question

  • History of the Sabbath – No greater book has been assembled to detail the history of the Sabbath. The book traces the observance of the day from the creation to the present.
  • Truth Triumphant - Extensive documentation traces the development of the Christian church. Truly a classic!

State of the Dead

  • Modern Spiritualism – There is a great danger of spiritualism in the churches today. Find out how it may visit yours next.

Sure Word of Prophecy

  • Daniel and the Revelation – The historical details in this book provide an sound basis for understanding and interpreting end-time prophecies.
  • Conflict of the Ages – Unquestionably the most profound commentary on the entire Bible. Choose the time period in history that you would like to know more about and then choose the book in this series that corresponds to the timeframe.
  • antichrist is Here! – And he has been here for a long time. Trace the development of the antichrist power through the centuries.
  • Facts of Faith – An incredible encyclopedia of resource material showing the development of the Christian church and revealing the antichrist power.
  • The Moral Purpose of Prophecy – The great purpose of prophecy is examined along with the different schools of interpretation. This is a real Bible study!
  • The Two Babylons – or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife - An extremely well researched study of differing systems of worship and their ultimate beginnings.

Study Time!

  • Education – The finest book ever written on true Christian education. From the homeschool to college, find out what you can do to make the learning experience what GOD intended it to be.

Safeguarding Liberty

  • Liberty in the Balance – Few books today will capture so clearly the challenge we face to preserve our freedoms. Traces the steady decline of our precious heritage..

Serious Health Books

  • The Ministry of Healing – GOD's healing ways are the best ways to deal with sickness and disease. Learn about the healing means that works in harmony with the One who created us.

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