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The Conflict of the Ages

A Unique Bible Commentary

You've probably never read anything like this series.  Beginning at the beginning, the author starts with the creation story and adds insights and dimensions that are amazing.  There has certainly never been a more readable commentary. 


Patriarchs And Prophets

From Creation through the reign of King David.

How did the universe begin? How did the world get here? Where and how did the human race start? Patriarchs and Prophets is a book about beginnings. In fascinating, easy-to-read language, it describes exactly how planet Earth-and the people who live on it-began!

Prophets And Kings

From Solomon's reign through Malachi.

Prophets and Kings is volume two of the five-volume set that covers human history from the beginning of our time-and on into the future. This book begins with the reign of King Solomon and ends just prior to the first advent of Jesus Christ.

The Desire Of Ages

This book covers the time period of the life of Jesus Christ.

The inexpressible desire of all ages cannot be found in things, fame, power or pleasure-seeking. It can be found only in a Person. The Desire of Ages is His story. This book will be the end of your search. Hailed by a former Librarian of Congress as the best book on the life of Christ for practical Christian living, it reveals a picture of Christ that can hardly be more beautiful.

The Acts Of The Apostles

From the death of Christ until the just before the destruction of the Jewish temple in 70 A.D.

You will again witness the enormous power of the early church as you read The Acts of the Apostles, a remarkable commentary on the book of Acts. Then you are invited to request it-and experience it-for yourself and your church.

The Great Controversy

From the destruction of the Jewish temple in 70 A.D. until the return of Jesus Christ.

The Great Controversy begins at the dawning of the Christian era, traces the rise and fall of nations and religious powers down to our day, then plunges ahead to preview the future. And what this book sees coming is not based on guesswork. It is based on a source of predictions that has never yet missed in its prophecies.