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Modern Bible
Translations Unmasked

Dr. Russell R. Standish

Dr. Colin D. Standish
President, Hartland College

Copyright © 1993 by R.R.Standish and C.D.Standish
All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America

ISBN 0-923309-13-6

1 A Brief History of Bible Manuscripts and Translations 
2 The Noblest Monument of English Prose
3 Testimony of a Modern Revision 
4 Two Greek New Testaments 
5 Corrupted Manuscript 
6 An Inspired Translation? 
7 The Case of the Missing Greek 
8 Westcott and Hort 
9 The Manuscripts 
10 The Roman Catholic Attitude Toward Scripture 
11 Burning Bibles and Saints 
12 The Jesuits and the Versions 
13 Emperor Constantine 
14 Roman Catholic Elation 
15 The Fourth and the Twentieth Centuries 
16 Profitable Prophets 
17 Subtle Catholicism 
18 A Crucial Text 
19 The Destruction of the Doctrine of Antichrist 
20 Defaming Scripture 
21 The Youth Factor 
22 Archaic Words 
23 The Bible Societies 
24 The Trinitarian Bible Society 
25 The Dead Sea Scrolls 
26 The Missing Comma 
27 The Revised Standard Version and Islam 
28 The Defense of Modern Translations 
29 The Revised Version 
30 A Mutilated New Testament 
31 The Milieu of the Revised Standard Version 
32 The New Revised Standard Version 
33 The New English Bible 
34 The Revised English Bible 
35 The New Jerusalem Bible 
36 The Amplified New Testament 
37 The New World Bible 
38 Paraphrases of Scripture
39 Phillips’ New Testament 
40 The Best Modern Version 


A Entire Verses Omitted from Most Modern Versions of Scripture 
B Portions of 178 Verses Omitted from Most Modern Translations 
C The Translators of the Authorized Version 
D Relevance Gone Berserk 
E God’s Word Made a Joke 


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