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Divine Nature of Christ


Who is the only true God ?

Isa 45:5,6,14

Jehovah is the ONLY true God

Isa 43:10,11

No other God has been created

Isa 44:24

Jehovah is the ONLY creator

Isa 43:11

Jehovah is the ONLY savior

Isa 45:21

Jehovah is the ONLY savior

Isa 42:8

Jehovah will NOT share His glory

Isa 48:11

Jehovah will NOT share His glory

Isa 44:6

Jehovah is the First and Last

Isa 44:8

Jehovah is the ONLY Rock

Isa 45:23

To Jehovah Every knee shall bow

" Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am He: before me there was NO GOD FORMED, neither shall there be one after me. I, even I, am the Lord and beside me there is NO savior. " Isa 43:10,11

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Who then is Jesus ?

Isa  9:6

Jesus is Almighty God

Isa  10:21

Jehovah is Almighty God

Matt 1:23

Jesus is God with us

John 1:3

Jesus is the creator

Col  1:16-17

Jesus is the creator

2 Tim 1:10

Jesus in ONLY savior

John 17:5

Jesus shares the Father's Glory

Rev  1:17-18

Jesus is the First and Last

Rev  22:13

Jesus is the First and Last

1 Cor 10:1-4

Jesus is the Rock

Matt 16:18

Jesus is the Rock

Phi 2:10,11

To Jesus Every knee shall bow

NOTE: The New World Translation used by JWs translates every instance of the word rock in the NT to be rock-mass and this way detract from the force of these verses but this translation is nonsensical. For example :

Matt 16:18

And I say unto thee that thou are Peter and upon this ROCK-MASS I will build my church

Matt 27:51

And the earth did quake and the ROCK-MASSES rent

Matt 27:60

And laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn out in the ROCK-MASS

Luke 8:6

(parable of the sower) And some fell upon a ROCK-MASS

1 Pet 2:7-8

And a stone of stumbling and a ROCK-MASS of offense.

Rev 6:15

And the kings of the earth...hid themselves in the dens and in the ROCK-MASSES of the mountains; and said to the mountains and the ROCK-MASSES, fall on us.

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An Interesting Comparison

Jehovah is

Jesus is

the ONLY God

the God with us

the Father

the Everlasting Father

the Almighty God

the Almighty God

the ONLY creator

the creator

will NOT share His glory

shares the Father's  Glory

the First and Last

the First and Last

the ONLY Rock

the Rock

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How Many Jehovahs Are There ?

Gen 19:24

Two Jehovahs

Zech 2:9-10

Two Jehovahs

Gen 1:26

More than One

Gen 3:22

More than One

Gen 11:6-7

More than One

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Who are the other Jehovahs ?

Jesus Christ is Jehovah

John 6:46

No man has seen the Father

John 5:37

No man has seen the Father

Gen 18:1,3,13,14

Abraham saw Jehovah

Gen 18:22,32,33

Abraham saw Jehovah

John 8:56-58

Jesus stoned for blasphemy (i.e. claiming He was Jehovah)

John 8:24

"Unless you believe that I AM (he), you shall die in your sins"


In John 8:58 Jesus says "Verily verily I say unto you before Abraham was I AM" to explain to the Jews that He had actually seen Abraham in Gen 18 and thus making Himself out to be the I AM of the O.T. in short Jehovah. The Jews understood this and so attempted to stone Him.

In an attempt to cover up Jesus' claim the New Kingdom translation translates this verse thus "before Abraham was I HAVE BEEN." Now their justification for this mistranslation is that the words I AM which in the Greek are "ego eimi" do not really mean I AM the eternal present but rather I HAVE BEEN. To this claim I only have to submit the following passages which translate "ego eimi" as I AM John 8:12,18,28 and lastly John 8:24 "Unless you believe that I AM (ego eimi), you shall die in your sins"

Jesus' statement in V.24 is very condemning of those who do not believe that Jesus is the I AM. The New World Translation adds the word (he) which is not found in the bible if you have a Greek-English interlinear look it up.

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The Holy Spirit is Jehovah

Acts 5:3-4

Holy Spirit is God

Job 33:4

Holy Spirit is the creator (Refer to above about Jehovah)

Heb 9:14

Holy Spirit is eternal

2 Cor 3:17

Holy Spirit is Jehovah

Matt 12:31

Holy Spirit can be blasphemed

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Is the Holy Spirit a Person ?

Acts 8:29

Holy Spirit talks and directs

Acts 10:19,20

Holy Spirit talks and directs

Acts 13:2-4

Holy Spirit talks and directs

Acts 16:6-7

Holy Spirit forbids actions

John 14:26

Holy Spirit teaches ( see also John 16:13)

John 14:16, 18

Holy Spirit comforts (see Gal 5:22,23)

2 Pet 1:21

Holy Spirit is author of prophecy (see 1 Pe  1:11)

1 Cor 12:1-11

Holy Spirit gives gifts

Rom  15:30

Holy Spirit loves

Rom  8:27

Holy Spirit has a mind and thinks

1 Cor 2:11

Holy Spirit has intellect

Eph  4:30

Holy Spirit has feelings

Acts 5:9

Holy Spirit can be tempted

Acts 5:3,4

Holy Spirit can be lied to

Isa  63:10

Holy Spirit can be hurt

Heb  10:29

we can disregard Him

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