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THE sternest conflict this world has ever known is now nearing its climax. The powers of light and the powers of darkness have been in this contest since before the dawn of human history, and now the opposing forces are marshaling for the final struggle. It will be sharp and decisive.

Satan has used various agencies for the past six thousand years in his campaign for the conquest and destruction of the human race and the defeat of Heaven's purpose for mankind. The agencies that he will use in this generation will be most seductive and deceptive; none are safe from the ruin he is planning for all, save those who walk in close companionship with the Man Christ Jesus.

While scientists study the occult demonstrations of the sťance room and classify them under scientific terms, the multitude are being led into a delusion that is setting their feet in the pathway of eternal ruin. What the evil one could not accomplish in medieval times by fire and sword, by rack and dungeon, he is bent on doing now by a deception the cleverest his evil ingenuity has been able to conceive. It is the purpose of this work to unmask that deception so thoroughly that none who read shall ever stumble into that pitfall.

With a prayer for divine guidance in the accomplishment of that purpose, the preparation of this book was undertaken, and it is now submitted to the reading public in the hope that God may richly bless its humble contribution to the defense of the truth as it is in Christ Jesus.

Charles M. Snow

Warburton, Australia.

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