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Chapter 11

Identifying Features


The renowned New Zealand evangelist, Austin P. Cooke, in his pamphlet, The Antichrist 666, His Rise, Reign, Ruin and Restoration, page 2, recognizes no less than fifteen identifying features of the first beast. We list them:

1. It is a political kingdom.

2. It rises amid numerous people.

3. It is one of seven political powers or empires opposed to God.

4. It is connected with Western Europe.

5. It arises when the powers of Western Europe are reigning.

6. It is connected with the four kingdoms of Daniel 7óBabylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome.

7. Its seat or center is given it by Imperial Rome.

8. It becomes a universal or catholic power.

9. It practices blasphemy.

10. It persecutes and destroys the saints.

11. Its number is 666.

12. Its political supremacy is for 1260 years.

13. It is then fatally wounded.

14. Its wound is healed.

15. It is restored to world preeminence.

With such a surfeit of identifying features, it is quite plain that God wished to leave no doubt as to the identity of this power. It is thus possible to discover with absolute certainty whether or not the Protestant Reformers were correct in drawing the conclusion that the first beast of Revelation 13 represents the Papacy and no other power.


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