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Chapter 14

Roman Catholic Elation


Surely the Jesuits had waited longer than they had hoped, to see the rise to pre-eminence of their mutilated version of Scripture. But by the time of the production of the Revised Version of Scripture in 1881, they had, after three centuries, achieved their aim. It is little wonder that Catholic leaders throughout the world rejoiced when they read this new version. Today their joy is likely to be even greater as they see that the vast majority of Protestants in virtually every country of the world are now studying the Bible from new translations based upon the perverted manuscripts.

In Bible outlets today modern versions compatible with the Latin Vulgate are offered in profusion, while those based upon the Textus Receptus are sometimes difficult to acquire. In 1988, the Chaplaincy Department of an overseas hospital had to wait well over six months to receive its order for the Authorized Version of Scripture. Yet the Revised Standard Version and the New International Version of Scripture were both available for immediate delivery. When one enters a motel or a hotel room today, the great work of the Gideon Society is bound to be tarnished by their placement of modern translations in the room. Through the world, in many languages, new translations are being produced inexorably using the corrupted Greek manuscript dear to the hearts of the Jesuits.

In 1990 Colin was preaching at a Korean campmeeting in Georgia. He mentioned the widespread use of Bibles in many languages translated from the corrupted Greek manuscripts. After the service a number of Korean pastors wanted to know if their Bible was translated from corrupted manuscripts. It took little time to confirm the worst fears of the pastors. They explained that only one translation is now available in Korean—and this translation is from corrupted manuscripts.

Even in the minuscule Pacific Island nation of Kiribati (formerly the Gilbert Islands), the present translation is based upon the corrupted Western manuscripts. No wonder God foresaw,

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. Revelation 13:3

In March 1989 Russell was walking up Victoria Street in London. On his right, he noticed Westminster Cathedral, the seat of Catholic power in England. Here the present primate of England, Cardinal Basil Hume, presides. Russell decided to pay a visit to the book store of the Westminster Cathedral (not to be confused with Westminster Abbey, an Anglican church). As he scanned the shelves of the bookstore where Bibles were located, Russell noticed that he could purchase many different versions including the Douay Bible, the Jerusalem Bible, the New International Version, the New English Bible, the Revised Standard Version, Today’s English Version and a number of others. But he did not see a single copy of the King James Version of the Scripture for sale. Noting this lack, he approached the manager and asked to see his stock of King James Versions. Very politely, the manager said, "I am afraid, sir, we have none in stock." Pressing the point a little further, Russell asked, "When do you intend to have your new stock available?" The manager replied as Russell suspected he would, "Oh, sir, we do not stock the King James Version of Scripture." In the most ecumenical time of earth’s history, the Roman Catholic Church still cannot tolerate the King James Version of Scripture.

It should serve as a red flag to Protestants to learn that virtually every one of the modern translations may be purchased at Catholic book stores, but not the King James Version, so despised is this version by the Roman Catholic faith. Perhaps the most perceptive comment upon the Revised Version was that made in Dublin, the capital of Roman Catholic-dominated Ireland,

One thing at least is certain, the Catholic Church will gain by the new Revision both directly and indirectly. Dublin Review, July 1881, quoted in B.G. Wilkinson, Our Authorized Bible Vindicated, 228

How accurate this prophecy has proved to be! For now we are overwhelmed by the haste in which Protestant churches are seeking to ally themselves with the Roman Catholic Church. Indeed the Roman Catholic Church has gained, and gained enormously, in the era following the acceptance of this perverted form of Scripture.

Let us look at some instances of this fact:

Australia’s Christian Churches will for the first time speak with one voice. If a breakthrough proposal announced yesterday to form a new national ecumenical body is adopted, the new body would incorporate the Catholic Church, which has refused to join the Australian Council of Churches during the Council’s forty-four year history. The Catholic Church is the biggest single Christian denomination in Australia, accounting for 26.3% of the population. The Council at present represents 13 Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant member churches. The proposal was announced in Adelaide by the president of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference and Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Edward Clancy, and the president of the Council, the Anglican bishop of Bendigo, Bishop Oliver Heyward. Sydney Daily Telegraph, June 13, 1990

Archbishop Robert Runcie of Canterbury has asked the churches of the Anglican communion, divided over ordination of women priests and other issues, to consider a united Christian church under a reformed papal primacy. Runcie, spiritual leader of the Anglican church, told the 525 bishops attending the Decennial Conference on Monday night that the 70-million-strong Anglican communion could be preserved only if its churches were directed by a central authority. The Korean Times, July 21, 1988

The Archbishop of Canterbury has caused a major controversy with his call for Protestants to accept the pope as "universal leader." Singapore Straits Times, October 3, 1989

After ten years of periodic discussion, the Baptist-Catholic dialogue group, quoting Ephesians 4:5, concluded, "We not only confessed but experienced one Lord, one faith and one baptism." Williamson Daily News, August 26, 1989

Roman Catholics and Lutherans stepped closer together Monday when church officials from both denominations announced plans to draw up a covenant that will increase co-operation between the most powerful religious bodies in Minnesota. Minneapolis Star and Tribune, October 17, 1989

Thus we can see that virtually every mainline church of Protestantism is following the road to Rome. The acceptance of perverted modern translations of Scripture has made a significant contribution in stimulating this reversal of the great Protestant movement. Is it any wonder that God foresaw:

And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Revelation 13:8

Naturally Cardinal Wiseman, the Roman Catholic primate of England, was delighted with the new translation (the Revised Version of 1881). He stated:

When we consider the scorn cast by the Reformers upon the Vulgate, and their recurrence, in consequence, to the Greek, as the only accurate standard, we cannot but rejoice at the silent triumph which truth has at length gained over clamorous error. For, in fact, the principal writers who have avenged the [Latin] Vulgate and obtained for it critical preëminence, are Protestants. Cardinal Wiseman, Essays, Vol. 1, 104, quoted in B.G. Wilkinson, Our Authorized Bible Vindicated, 227

The Roman Catholic bishop of Erie, Pennsylvania, was no less delighted:

It must be admitted that either the Revisers wish to withdraw several important passages of the Holy Scripture from Protestants, or that the latter, in their simplicity, have all along been imposed upon by King James translators, who, either through ignorance or malice, have inserted in the Authorized Version a number of paragraphs which were never written by an apostle or other inspired author. Tobias Mullen, The Canon of the Old Testament, 366

Thomas S. Preston, the priest of St. Anne’s Catholic Church in New York, also perceived the advantages of the Revised Version to the Roman Catholic Church,

It is to us a gratification to find that in very many instances they [the translators of the Revised Version] have adopted the reading of the Catholic Version, and have thus by their scholarship confirmed the correctness of our Bible. Dr. Wakefield, Collection of Opinions, vol. 2, 21

In its perceptive article, the Dublin Review had this to say:

How bitter to them must be the sight of their Anglican bishops sitting with Methodists, Baptists, and Unitarians to improve the English Bible according to modern ideas of progressive biblical criticism! Dublin Review, July 1881, quoted in B.G. Wilkinson, Our Authorized Bible Vindicated, 227-228

It is the final word of the Dublin Review which should strike the heart of every Protestant as he or she looks at the manner in which Protestantism has been virtually decimated in the second half of the twentieth century. The writer of the article in the Dublin Review predicted:

The New Version [The Revised Version] will be the death knell of Protestantism. Ibid., 230

This prediction has now been completely fulfilled, for in the 1990s the Protestant churches have virtually entirely lost their significance and their purpose. Most of the mainstream Protestant churches are eager for association with the Roman Catholic Church. Those who resolutely resist such association are frequently seen to be bigots and disuniting elements in Christendom.


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