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National Sunday Law.

By A. Jan Marcussen.


1. The Two Horned Beast
2. The Beast Identified
3. The Beast Described
4. Dynamite
5. The MARK of the Beast
6. The Image of the Beast
7. The Global Conflict
8. Appendices
9. Order Form
10. Download Word 5.1 DOS Text


This book, "National Sunday Law" by A. Jan Marcussen was scanned with the written permission from the author for, and only for the spreading of God's word to all people. Please give the original zipped copy of these text files to everyone you can, assuming that these will not be sold, reprinted for profit, or edited in any way.

The author can be reached at the following:

Pastor Jan Marcussen
P.O. Box 68
Thompsonville IL 62890
Phone: (618) 627-2009
Fax: (618) 627-2522